Friday, 9 November 2012

Career Research Assignment

A Career Research Assignment equally requires some research. The Career Research Assignment cannot be done by simply relying on the knowledge you already have. Anyway, in your Career Research Assignment you will have to include the academic reference material that you used. For this reason alone you will have to do some reading prior to and while doing your Career Research Assignment. A Career Research Assignment is common especially in high school. A Career Research Assignment is essential in equipping the student with good research skills as well as knowledge based on the topic they are researching about.
When carrying out any kind of research it is good to keep in mind a number of things:
·         A research paper that has a high number of reference materials is considered to be more credible in comparison to one that does not. This is because having many
references shows that the student went an extra mile to research as widely as possible to come up with accurate information. The reference material that you include in your study has to be related to the subject matter or topic. If for example your paper has something to do with nutrition, it will make little sense to quote references from the field of engineering and so on.
·         Your paper must have the correct outline. Go through as many examples as possible in order o know the right outline to use for your research paper. Your paper should not start without and introduction. These are some of the basic rules that apply to all kinds of research paper writing. You also cannot end without a conclusion. A paper that does not have a conclusion normally appears incomplete.
Also you have to find out what should be included in every section of your research paper outline. For example, you are not expected to introduce new ideas or arguments at the conclusion. Everything in the conclusion has to be discussed with reference to what is already mentioned in the main body.
·         The final presentation of your paper is very important. Just as first impressions matter in human interaction, how your paper appears to the reader at face value matters. Anyway, it is rare to find good things put in ugly packages. Present your work in an attractive and highly academic manner. From the cover page to the font styles and sizes, it is important that the student gets god ideas to make their research paper as attractive as possible. There is nothing wrong in borrowing ideas from other scholars.

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