Friday, 9 November 2012

Research Proposal Assignment

A Research Proposal Assignment normally has very strict specification. Although students learn how to handle a Research Proposal Assignment in class, it is advisable that they make the initiative to learn more. Getting examples of a Research Proposal Assignment that was done earlier in your institution can help a lot. The Research Proposal Assignment somewhat involving and therefore should not be done in a day.
A lot of thought process and research is involved in doing a Research Proposal Assignment. This is necessary because the Research Proposal Assignment will determine the success or failure of the practical research process that should follow. After coming up with the proposal,
the student has to defend it before his or her supervisor in order to get a go ahead so as to start the research process. If the proposal is not approved, then they are sent back to the drawing board to give it another shot.
What does a research proposal contain?
1.      Research topic
The topic should be written on the cover page of the proposal. The topic has to have all the characteristics that make up a good research topic. It should be original and if it is from a borrowed idea, the writer has to ensure that they rephrase it.
2.      Introduction
The introduction gives the reader a general overview on the contents of the proposal. The main ideas are only mentioned and not discussed in length.
3.      Thesis statement/ hypothesis
This is the premise that your research endeavours to prove. It is the compass of your whole research process.
4.      Research objectives
These are basically the reasons why you want to carry out that particular study. Any research that is carried out has to meet certain aims.
5.      Research questions
These are derived from the research objectives. They are basically the questions that you will be going to answer with the data that you plan to collect from the field once your proposal is approved by your supervisors.
6.      Population and sample
These are the people that you will involve in your study in terms of collecting information from them to include in your study. The population is the larger group of people and the sample is the small group that you will select for your study.
7.      Research tools and methods
Research methods are the strategies that you will use in collecting your data from the field. The research tools are the instruments that you will use including questionnaires, tape recorders etc.

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