Friday, 9 November 2012

Research Terminology Assignment

A Research Terminology Assignment will involve a lot of reading. Before doing a Research Terminology Assignment, ensure you have a textbook near you. A dictionary can also come in handy when doing a Research Terminology Assignment. Mostly a Research Terminology Assignment will involve having to define terms used in research methods. A Research Terminology Assignment will therefore require the student to read different material and come up with the definitions. The Research Terminology Assignment will also require you to give brief explanations for all the terminologies. Custom written essays, term paper help, assignment help services and all academic papers at our custom writing service.
Here are a number of terminologies that you will come across when carrying out research:
1.      Population
The population is the large group of people on whom you are going to base the study in. for example if your study is about child obesity in the US, then every American child will be part of your population. In order to come up with a definite population, one has to clearly define who they want to base their study on. In research you cannot base your study on everybody in the world. This is because the findings of your research will most likely be flawed.
The sample is a small group of the population that is picked out scientifically to represent the population.
2.      Hypothesis
This is defined as an academic guess. Note that it is an academic guess and not just a lucky guess. It is a guess about what you expect to find after carrying out the study. This is normally used in research  involving numeric data. However, it can also be use in descriptive research. For example, one can come up with a hypothesis like, ‘over a million children in the US are obese’. After carrying out the study, they will then be able to support or change their minds about the hypotheses.  The hypothesis normally shapes the direction of the study. It gives the reader a clear focus of what the study aims to achieve.
3.      Research problem
In order to carry out any kind of research you have to identify a problem. Without a problem there is no need for research. When one is coming up with a proposal for a research study, they therefore need to clearly define what problem is in existence that the study aims to solve or understand. The problem could be a societal problem. For example, if there is an increase in the number of deaths of children in America from weight related diseases, then there will be a need to carry out a study to find out more about the problem of obesity among these children.

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