Friday, 9 November 2012

Research Assignment Format

The Research Assignment Format of different academic institutions normally varies. This is mostly because every institution designs their Research Assignment Format depending on the academic writing style they adopt. The Research Assignment Format is expected to be uniform for all students. It is therefore imperative that students find out the Research Assignment Format preferred by their academic institution. The Research Assignment Format has to ensure a god flow of ideas in the paper. The Research Assignment Format should also ensure that the final presentation of the paper is attractive.
The format of a research paper will differ slightly depending on the academic research writing style that has been applied. However, there are key things that have to appear in any research paper.
1.      The research proposal
The research proposal is normally the first part of the research paper. The proposal includes the research study that one wants to go and carryout in the field, the methods they plan to use, the population and sample that will be involved, the research questions and objectives and the thesis statement. In this section one also has to define the purpose of the study and the foreseen limitations of the study.
A big part of this section will include a literature review. This is secondary data collected from books, journals and other academic sources that support the essence of the study. In the proposal, the student is trying to convince the reader the importance of the study and to show that it is a workable idea.
2.      Findings
This section normally contains the data that was collected from the field. With specific parameters, the data is analysed and the presented to the reader in this section. This section also involves use of pictorials and tables to present the information that was collected in the field. Students need to inquire from their supervisor on how to best do this. By going through other research papers, you can also get better ideas of presenting your data.
3.      Conclusion
Here the writer normally fosters a discussion based on the findings from the field. They use this information to make deductions, inferences and recommendations. Here the writer needs to try to answer the research questions and try to understand if the objectives of the research were met.

The format of a research paper contains more details and this is just a general overview. It is important that a student reads widely and looks at several research papers so as to get the complete format of a research paper. 

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