Friday, 9 November 2012

Library Research Assignment

When you are required to write a Library Research Assignment, there is no shortcut. You simply have to read widely in order to have an excellent Library Research Assignment. Carrying out research for a Library Research Assignment has been made easier with new technology.
Most of the material you will need to access for your Library Research Assignment will be computerised. That means that even as you walk in to a library to do your Library Research Assignment, you will not have to go through a huge pile of dusty books and papers to find your resources. Most libraries have an automated system that makes doing your Library Research Assignment less cumbersome.
The advent of new technology and software has also made access to this information also
universal. When doing a research paper, it is possible to access any information from a library on the other side of the world. The internet has made universal learning possible. There are some websites where you can also access academic journal from different academic authors at a fee.
These developments have made research less tiresome and more efficient.

Materials that you can find online to use for your research paper include:
·         Academic online journals
These are papers that have been done by scholars and submitted into a journal society. Every academic discipline has its own journal association where scholars from the field can carry out research and submit papers. Most of these papers that are peer reviewed act as very good reference material when you are carrying out research. For your research paper to seem more credible it is good to use academic journals since they contain more recent information in comparison to books.
·         E-books
E-books can also be found on an online library. These are online versions of books that are available in hard copy. Especially for definitions and back grounding, these resources can be very helpful. There are some certain authorities in certain fields of study you can never fail to mention. Especially people who came up with definitions and concepts or theories, they have to appear in your research paper.
·         Reports and publications
Important reports and other publications put online by credible sources can also be used in research. For example when you want statistics about a certain disease and its prevalence, you can refer to reports done by the organizations or arms of government that deal with it. Note that even in this case the reports have to be recent. 

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